Creating the perfect Powder Room

Powder rooms. They are now just a regular requirement that people want just as heated towel ladders, floating vanities and in wall toilet cisterns are. So what is a powder room for those of you who don’t have one? Essentially it’s a miniature version of a full sized bathroom. It’s sometimes referred to as a guest bathroom or half bathroom. The room itself will generally contain and basin and toilet however more often or not I’ve also been including showers. This enables your guests to use this room without having to venture throughout your home to use the main bathroom or ensuite. It’s a nice way to spoil your guests whilst providing both parties privacy.

Designed by MIM Design

Now in our opinion because this is the only wet room in your home that your guests will see how about we make it extra special? It’s a small room so you’ve got the benefit of selecting a more expensive selection of materials because generally speaking there will be less to use compared to a standard sized bathroom. Less tiling, less storage space required and less lighting so you can afford to splurge a little more. And when I say splurge. We are not talking about diamond encrusted tapware and gold leafed tiles (although you can have these as an option). We are talking about making a feature of the vanity space and throwing in a feature tile and feature pendant light. The remaining products and material can be selected from the mid-range product lines.

Designed By Canny

Because the room will be smaller than usual what you put on the walls will be a major player in the overall look. There are plenty of options to choose from; a stunning porcelain tile, natural marble mosaic, patterned wallpaper or even a full slab of stone to clad a wall in the shower space.

Designed by Lindsay hill interiors

And DON’T be afraid of using darker tones. We find there’s something quite elegant and mysterious about using dark paint and tile colours in a smal lspace. It creates a very elegant aesthetic which is what we’re trying to create. And if you’re really brave paint your ceiling a dark colour too- talk about WOW factor, you’ll definitely get your guests talking.

Designed by Decus Interiors

As mentioned above the vanity space is where you can really make a lasting impact on anyone who uses the powder room. My tips would be to use a wall hung vanity (also a wall hung toilet) to give the sense of space. We don’t want to use a chunky cupboard that sits on the floor as it will enclose the space and there’s nothing elegant about that. Either find a stunning basin or benchtop or mirror OR better yet make all of them stunning pieces. A simply pendant light offset  the basin or directly above the basin will tie it all together. If everything else contains a WOW factor then do make sure the pendant light is quite minimal in design to reduce the risk of elements competing with one another. Again your tapware and accessories like your hand towel rail and toilet paper holder can be quite minimal in appearance. Let the statement pieces speak from themselves.

Designed by Hare and Klein

And don’t forget to add your undertile heating, there’s nothing nicer than having warm soles on a cold winters morning when jumping in and out of the shower.

So there are a few ideas to get the ball rolling. It’s all about making sure your powder room isn’t an afterthought. It serves a purpose in it functionality but it’s also a space where you can treat your guests.

Designed by Arent & Pyke


Don’t be afraid! This seems to be a reoccurring tip in most of our articles.It pains us to see people too afraid to step out and try something different.And if you’ve been one of our clients I’m sure you’ve heard us say; ‘ You need to trust us, We are not going to recommend something unless we can 100% back it up that it will look fabulous’. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking off your blinkers and realising that there’s a tonne of possibilities available from what you’ve been used to living with- trust your professionals, they are they to guide you.


Written By Birdblack Design