Colour Palette Your Way to Grey

Selecting a base colour palette for your home is critical to ensure you’re not going to create a mismatch of themes throughout your home. A colour palette is an arrangement of colours that can be translated through paint colours, joinery finishes, benchtops, curtain fabrics, tile and carpet colours. It generally begins with one base colour followed by tones of that same colours and finalised by some contrasting colour/finishes. Let me show you how this works;

Designed by Techne Architects

The Grey Palette

Base Colour: Grey

Tones: Light/Mid/Dark Greys and always with a hint of white

Contrast: Timber/ Copper/ Bronze / Brass / Matte black

With the grey palette don’t be afraid to go dark. Using a dark grey on your walls is a beautiful way to create a moody inviting ambience. If you’re struggling with confidence then type in ‘Grey Interiors’ on Pinterest and you’ll see that dark greys look fantastic.

Designed by HA Architects

Ways to incorporate Greys:

Grey tones can be added to your walls as a base in any room. If you have any of the following; skirtings, cornices, architraves or dado rails think about mixing up the grey tones. Use a dark grey on all of your trims to accentuate their detail, on the plain section of wall use a mid-tone grey to provide a contrast between the trims and wall.

Grey benchtops are very much in fashion at this point in time. Concrete is sleek and complements most kitchen cupboard selections. If real concrete is out of your price range then have a look at a reconstituted stone substitute, brands like Smart Stone, Caesar Stone, Quantum Quartz and Silestone offer concrete look-a-like man made stone. And any bet you won’t be able to tell the difference.

There are plenty of materials and finishes where the colour grey can be incorporated, to name a few; Concrete, Porcelain tiles, Paint colours,Furniture and Soft Furnishings like cushions and throws.

Designed by Decus Interiors

Adding the Contrasts:

To eliminate the risk of your home starting to look like a prison cell it’s important to add some warmth to the space. By using contrasting finishes like timber or special finish accents including brass you right away break up the space. Timbers are a natural way to make a house feel homely. This can be added through a benchtop, timber furniture pieces, timber wall cladding or even timber veneers to clad your kitchen in. The shiny metals look fantastic, added into light fittings and smaller pieces like handles and tapware. An alternative to shiny metals is the popular matte black, this will add luxe + sophistication to your space.

Designed by Mim Design

Remember to start with your base colour whether that’s grey, beige, cream or white. Research tones that work with this- head down to Bunnings and pick up some paint sample chips. Be sure to add in your contrasts, step back from the palette and see where some warmth needs to be added in.

Written by Birdblack Design