Cluttered or Clear? How does your Kitchen shape up?

Home is where the heart is… or failing that our stomachs!! Most often, the Kitchen is the true heart of the home, being the space where the family cooks, preps,eats, talks, does homework, organises their day, entertains, the list goes on! Every home’s kitchen varies in style and size, buy ultimately kitchens exist to facilitate cooking, preparations and entertaining.Throughout the entire process, we tailor design every detail to meet the individual needs of our clients and their households.

‘Cato Place’ Kitchen. Design Birdblack Design. Photographed by The Evoke Company

Dilemmas our clients regularly face prior to engaging Birdblack Design can include lack of storage, low benchtops, limited living space and pitiful prep space. We can’t tell you how many times we hear the same things over and over again from our clients as they engage us to redo their kitchens. The list of pre-existing pet peeves is pretty similar!

How many of these common concerns can you relate to?

Tupperware Drawers

We know that collectively, right across the board,every single home has this drawer – and basically it’s where our hopes and dreams go to die. Birdblack Design can help you overcome this nightmare but installing organisational systems into your joinery. We regularly utilise deep drawers with installed separators,making designated space for all your Tupperware lids and Tupperware containers.The sheer relief of opening a wide, deep drawer which is organised into specified sections is like taking a breath of fresh, crisp air. Sigh with us –ahhhh


Speaking of places where hopes and dreams go to die,how many times have you cleared out your pantry just to find canned food that expired two years ago? Or open containers that have resulted in six month old stale food? How many times have you found three of the same herb or spice,forgetting that you “had one in the pantry” because you couldn’t find it whilst creating a shopping list? This is a HUGE area of concern for so many of our clients.

Birdblack Design opts for pull out drawers, allowing a much more visible line of sight. In addition, we love installing sensor-activated lighting in drawers and shelves to really help you know what you have!

‘Cato Place’ Walk in Pantry. Design: Birdblack Design. Photographed by The Evoke Company

Limited Bench Space

There is nothing more frustrating than becoming your own Master Chef in your kitchen to find that there is simply not enough bench space for your chopping boards, the utensils you are using or the hot pots and pans you are multitasking in the moment. Where do you set them down?!

Bench space seems to be in either awkward positions,or small strips of space, completely inadequate for more than one item at a time. This is not functional space.  As confessed food lovers, Birdblack Design guarantees we will always consider your prep space within the kitchen, ensuring it is both functional and ergonomically appropriate. We prefer a minimum of 500mm either side of your sinks, your cooktops and near your appliances.

Low Bench Space

Let’s not even get started with the sore backs we get when the benchtops are too short for our generation!! Get me a new benchtop –STAT!!!

Cato Place‘ Kitchen. Design: Birdblack Design. Photographed by The Evoke Company.

Inadequate Appliances

The two main areas of contention that we find are 1) clients may find that the existing appliances may simply not suit their needs and 2)they don’t have enough appliances to cook everything at once. As an example,baking trays may be too large in size for the existing oven. This is very common in older homes, where appliances are quite smaller than their modern counterparts. Secondly, we find that our clients don’t have enough appliances installed within the home – particularly as the family starts to grow up and weekends may include extra visitors, like school friends, or the soccer club!The more the merrier is a great lifestyle: as long as you can feed them all!

Here at Birdblack Design, we design in all your appliance needs – so that your feasts can go from fridge to table in a fraction of the time. Who has time to cook all daylong? Not us, that’s for sure! The Birdblack Team are here for efficiency and effectiveness. We ensure you have enough appliances to feed your entire tribe – without spending all day in the Kitchen.

Designated Appliance Cupboards

You know what can be frustrating to look at? A benchtop full of electrical cords – one for the toaster, one for the kettle, a couple for charging devices and all of a sudden, your bench space is a house for cords instead of prep space. Birdblack Design opts for installing in designated cupboards where these small appliances can be stored and utilised daily. Clever designing means no unsightly cord messes in your Kitchen space!

By now, if you regularly read our blogs, you may have picked up on the fun fact that the Birdblack Team are foodies. Believe us when we say we are very particular when it comes to Kitchen renovations or new builds.We design in ample prep space so that you can be a food master in your kitchen;we design plenty of storage because we believe clutter is an eye-sore; we design in space for you and your family to simply BE – just hanging out, having breaky, debriefing from your day over milk and cookies or that lovely glass of wine.

Cato Place‘ Kitchen. Design: Birdblack Design. Photographed by The Evoke Company.

We live for perfectly planned kitchens, family and friends, and of course, food! For a fabulously functional kitchen, engage us to be your bespoke specialists for your new build or renovation. We promise that your Kitchen will be the true heart of your home too.

Written by Birdblack Design