Ciders and Spritzes and Wine, oh my!

Who doesn’t like to indulge in a glass of wine after a long day or a wonderfully ice cold beer or cider on a hot and summery afternoon?! The reality is that Home Bars are making a HUGE comeback in residential design and you just know Birdblack Design is all over up-and-coming trends in the Design world!

A Home Bar is the perfect addition to your home – whether it’s a formal occasion with whiskey and velvety jazz tunes in the background, a relaxing wine and board games night, or a super fun “Girls Night In” with cheeky cocktails and dancing, we are all about it! To assist you in having your own cocktail parties and wine tasting nights, we ensure you have absolutely everything you need to have fabulous events. This includes decking out your home with adequate storage for absolutely everything – all your glassware, space for all the spirits bottles that come in different shapes and sizes, space for decanters, cocktails shakers, the absolute works!


We can design in a full blown Home Bar complete with benchtops and adequate bench space, a sink, fridges and even wastage so that your bar is perfectly self-contained. If a full Home Bar is not suited to your lifestyle, we can install a dry bar (without a sink), a wine display or a cellar to suit all your bottle needs.

Our ‘Ranchby Avenue’ project is home to a fabulous dry bar. Check out the wine display atop the pantry: a clever way to save space and display your favourite bottles. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: The Evoke Company


We like to make a statement with the design itself and also the finishes we use. Home Bars are the perfect space to bring in luxurious finishes. First of all: the benchtop space for prepping and pouring drinks. We love a beautiful marble benchtop fitted out with all your essentials. The perfect backdrop for your beautiful benchtop is a mirror splashback. This luxurious touch reflects the lighting, bouncing all that gorgeous light around, illuminating your space and giving the impression that your space is actually larger than it is: a little trick of the trade. If you prefer a more moody aesthetic, a tinted mirror splashback may be more suitable.

Luxurious finishes are key for making a statement. Our ‘Redgum Ridge’ Home Bar keeps the overall style of the home in mind, whilst showcasing some beautiful individual pieces. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: The Evoke Company  


Did you know that you can get fridges that have separate temperature controls within the one refrigeration unit? This ensures that each wine is kept perfectly to temperature. Alternatively, given how much space you have, you can have specific wine fridges, bar fridges and certainly somewhere to keep those cheese and antipasto platters – the perfect partners to any good wine! In terms of wine storage, there are multiple applications. You can opt for cubicles,stunning custom made wine racks or a striking horizontal design.

Our ‘Spring Street’ clients opted for a horizontal design, showcasing all the labels for easy viewing. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: The Palm Co.


Let’s be honest for a moment… if you have gone to all the trouble of having a Home Bar designed into your home, please choose stunning cabinetry that will really showcase this space and ensure your Home Bar is a regularly utilised space where you, your family and all your guests feel so comfortable and excited to be. Birdblack Design love glamorous cabinetry and we highly recommend installing glass cabinet fronts to show off your glassware collection. We are obsessed with fluted glass at the moment. Fluted glass provides partial see-through without having all of your glassware on display: subtle glamour, without being over the top.

‘Redgum Ridge’ has place for all their different glassware. Wine glasses come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of wine and all the whiskey glasses, port glasses and champagne saucers are also accounted for in this fabulous glass cabinetry. Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: The Evoke Company


We consider every option based on your individual collection. We ask loads of questions to ensure your bar is set up perfectly for your needs:

How many bottles?

What kind of alcohol? Spirits? Liqueurs?

How are we going to store them?

Laying down, standing up?

Would you prefer to see the cork? Or the label? Or both depending on the bottle?

In this day and age, Home Bars are often located in an open plan space,generally in close proximity to a dining table, sitting area or theatre room,so Birdblack Design take into consideration things like food storage, power points and wastage.

Our American Dream, ‘Chester Street, USA’ has a remarkable bar set up! A truly stunning space to sit, sip and relax! Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: Matt Mateo Photography

At Birdblack Design, we not only design Home Bars, we also have several Commercial Bars in our portfolio,which you can peruse on our website. We are currently working on yet another Commercial Bar venture in Townsville, Queensland: ‘Urban Miss’ – keep an eye out for its impending reveal!

On a local level, ‘Toscani & Blow Bar’ in Wollongong has striking brass finishes though trims, handles and light fittings. This certainly made the entire Interior Design POP!

‘Toscani & Blow Bar’ (a local Commercial Bar) making a statement aesthetically. The perfect place to get your hair done AND enjoy a glass of sparkling: relaxation to the max! Interior Design: Birdblack Design Photography: Hannah Ladic Photography

As summer approaches and party season kicks off, be sure to contact us now to have your Home Bar installed so that you too can enjoy parties and events from the comfort of your very own home. Cheers to your new social life! Ciders and Spritzes and Wine, oh my!

Written by Birdblack Design