Captivating Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchens are synonymous with cooking,entertaining and familiar faces.

Designing a kitchen to be the centrepiece of your home requires careful thought and deliberation. A huge portion of a successful kitchen design, whether a new build or a renovation, is the joinery. Joinery needs to be of a suitable standard in both functionality and aesthetics in order to work in conjunction with the remainder of the space. In order for your dreams to become a reality, we do recommend engaging a bespoke, high-end joiner. This will allow your kitchen to serve the household at its fullest potential.

Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co

In terms of the costing of a new kitchen, most often it is the joinery that dominates the majority of the budget. It is therefore imperative to invest time and effort into looking at all the fine details. Thankfully details are something Birdblack Design is known for!  We love details – whether it is the aesthetic layering of the space, or fine-tuning tiny millimetres for the absolute perfect fit.

The first thing we need to identify when designing your new kitchen is your preferred design style. This will include both colours and finishes of the kitchen, and also the layout and design of the kitchen cabinetry.  As there are obviously so many styles and colours out there, we help you narrow down your choices through images and packages.

The cabinetry style is often the starting point once the desired style has been established.  Styles can range from ultra-ornate to contemporary:clean and simple. There are many cabinetry door profile possibilities.  Below we share some of our Birdblack Design favourites:

The Plain Faced Door

This door profile is clean, simple and contemporary. We specified this door profile in our sleek ‘Spring Street Kitchen’. This cabinetry style is the most cost effective choice as less manufacturing time and detailing are required.

‘Spring Street Kitchen’ featuring black plain faced doors. The black colour choice adds a layer of luxe and opulence to a home’s interior. Design: Birdblack Design Photographedby: The Palm Co

Simple Shaker Door

This door is very versatile and works in traditional styling, country kitchens and even contemporary homes. Ultimately,colour selection dictates overall style.

Our ‘Attunga Avenue Kitchen’ specified white joinery, working hand in hand with the French Provincial style desired for their home. If we wanted to achieve a more traditional look, we could have specified an ornate profile on the door. However with the home being situated in seaside Kiama, a slightly more contemporary touch was desired.

Our ‘Attunga Avenue Kitchen’ showcases the stunning French Provincial inspired kitchen with simple shaker doors. Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: My Little Love Photography

The kitchen below (designed by DeVOL Kitchens)is evidence that even a contemporary kitchen can pull off a simple shaker profile. The natural marble paired with emerald green cabinetry is magnificently striking! Birdblack Design loves a bold statement in a home. A shaker door adds sophistication and charm to any kitchen.

Green shaker profile kitchen cabinetry: simply divine. Design: DeVOL Kitchens

New Look Shaker Profile

A new and contemporary approach to the traditional shaker profile provides elegance and sophistication.  The shaker rail is thinner and has more depth in comparison to the simple shaker. This profile is a little less traditional and perfect for any modern kitchen lovers.

A simple and sweet Art Nouveau inspired kitchen in a pale mint colour. Gorgeous! Design: Hans Verstuyft

Custom Textured Fronts

The possibilities are endless with joinery design.  Birdblack Design are currently obsessed with routered cabinets fronts. They are simply fabulous for anyone desiring a contemporary kitchen with added WOW factor. The slight downside is that this kind of bespoke joinery can be a little pricey. An easy way to balance costing is to have some detailing featured in a small portion of your kitchen – perhaps for the rangehood or your under-bench cabinetry. You can then opt for plain faced doors in a complementing colour for the remainder of the joinery: the best of both worlds!

Routered front cabinetry paired with a subtle marble: a striking combination.Design: Build by Design


Subtle vertical lines add a textural aspect to joinery. This cabinetry style certainly suits a large range of kitchens from contemporary coastal to classic farmhouse.

Birdblack Design are about to reveal a teal coloured kitchen featuring this stunning profile door so keep your eye on all our socials for more updates!

Loving the textural component of V-Groove joinery; very chic. Design: CJH Studio

Once you have selected your cabinetry profile, there are many other aspects to consider: accompanying handles, cabinetry finish and stone tops. Read through some of our more recent blogs for helpful tips on bringing everything together for aesthetic perfection.

Alternatively, engage with Birdblack Design and our teams of excellent builders, suppliers and tradies, and we will turn your dreams into your brand new reality!

Written by Birdblack Design