Burgundy Interiors

Burgundy is making a come back! This colour is making a resurgence and can be seen in many design areas including fashion, floristry and graphics.

The winey reddish brown is dark and moody. The perfect ingredient for a luxurious interior. This stunning colour works a treat accessorised with brass and gold accessories.

Fun fact – This dark reddish purple colour got its name from the colour of Burgundy wine which comes from the Burgundy region of France.

Designed by Decus Interiors

You may be wondering how you incorporate such a rich colour into a space? This colour has the potential to work for any area of the home as well as commercial spaces. Including ceilings, cabinetry fronts, benchtops and walls,the list goes on and on. Be brave. Make an impact that creates an atmosphere of warmth + luxe.

‘The Bentwood cafe’ Designed by Ritz & Ghougassian

If this is way out of your comfort zone and there is no chance f convincing you then there is the alternative, you can introduce this colour to your space through the use of cushioning, throws, décor and furniture. If you are after a super luxe atmosphere definitely consider velvets.

Image via Sight Unseen

This colour works wonders paired with pale and blush pinks along with Pantone’s colour of the year Living coral. If you are after a more muted colour palette it also pairs well with cool colours and dark greys.

Vizor Gaming company HQ designed by Studio11 

As designers we are constantly attempting to push clients out of their comfort design. And boy does it pay off when the place their trust in us. We help break the boundaries of ‘comfort’. Being brave with colour is often just the ticket to opening the door to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, but didn’t know how to achieve without our help.

Written by Birdblack Design