Bathroom Must-Haves

How does your Bathroom scrub up? Is it the place you brush your teeth, comb your hair, wash your face and then exit? Or is it a haven of calm and collection? A place where you can simply be? Is it a place to collect your thoughts as you prepare for the day? A place to relax with a glass of wine and a soak?

It is clear that bathrooms are increasingly less of a “wash room” and so much more of a retreat. The notion of a bathroom (especially during this global pandemic) is absolutely being transformed into enjoying a sanctuary. The amount of luxe and glamour is up to you!

Alcoves and Niches

These are perfect as space savers, gorgeous as aesthetic structural display pieces and practically provide perfect ease in a room dedicated to cleanliness and restoration. Although these two words are invariably interchangeable; traditionally an alcove is located in the dry zone of the bathroom (near the basin or toilet), whilst a niche is generally located in the wet zones – the shower recess or by the bath.

Store your soaps, lotions and candles here… and in true Birdblack Design fashion, ensure your alcove or niche is tall enough for your glass of wine! ‘Benjamin Residence.’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Building Design: South Coast Building Design Build: Saltbox Building Co Photography: The Palm Co

Shower Seats

Take a walk down inspiration lane with us…

You come home; it’s been a long day. Your shower recess has a rainwater head, some fabulously attractive tiles and a shower seat. You can sit, soak and replenish as you sit transfixed on the wall tiles before you. You emerge clean, clear and relaxed. Perfection.

Shower seats are so practical! For shaving your legs, bathing children, or simply helping our older generation be safer. Birdblack Design loves designing practicality for the whole family. ‘Sea Spray Residence.’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Building Design: South Coast Building Design Build: Souter Constructions Shoot Stylist: Jessi Eve Photography: Better Together Photo Co

The WOW Factor

Speaking of fabulous bathrooms captivating your attention, let’s allow our projects to do the talking.
WOW factors and showstopping elements….

‘Taylor Residence.’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Build: Seacliff Constructions Joinery: Marlix Bespoke Furniture & Joinery Photography: Better Together Photography Co
‘Redgum Ridge Residence.’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Building Design: JIH Building Design Builder: Kordovan Homes Joinery Manufacture: Mandziys Just Joinery Photography: The Evoke Company Shoot Stylist: Jessi Eve
‘Ascot Residence.’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Build: PMH Building Co Joinery Manufacture: Marlix Bespoke Furniture & Joinery Photography: Hannah Ladic Photography 

Every Bathroom in your home should be a haven: from the Ensuite in the Master Suite, to the Main Bathroom for the family, to the Powder Room for your guests. More and more people are utilising their bathroom sanctuaries to unwind and relax, providing space for restoration and rejuvenation after a stressful day.

Double Basins

Either side by side on the one vanity, or in opposite corners of the room, double basins allow multiple to use the space at once, which can be a godsend in the morning!

‘Sandy-Foot Residence.’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Building Design& Build: GN Williams Custom Homes Photography: Better Together Photography Co

Appliance Drawers

An unsightly bathroom is likely a space you will not enjoy. A bathroom full of electrical cords – electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, hairdryers and hair straighteners is not conducive to relaxation. Your bathroom should display your beauty products, not cords!

Store all your appliances in a concealed drawer or cupboard. Creative and innovative design at its best! ‘Benjamin Residence.’ Interior Design: Birdblack Design Building Design: South Coast Building Design Build: Saltbox Building Co Photography: The Palm Co

Throughout the entire design process, Birdblack Design tailor design every single detail to meet the individual needs of our clients and their households. This may mean layout, functionality and practicality. Whether an Ensuite, Main Bathroom or Guest Bathroom, we are familiar with what is required in each of these spaces.

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