Basking in Bathroom Beauty

Bathrooms these days are a luxury space… a retreat even. Our bathrooms have become a space to unwind and relax in the evening. They give room for restoration and rejuvenation after a long day. They are also the room where you begin your day. They provide the haven for preparation: physically obviously(showering, getting dressed, hair, makeup), but also mentally as we plan our days, our schedules and compose ourselves for the day ahead.

This week’s grand reveal is our ‘Wombarra Bathroom’ renovation project. What a transformation it was!

This gorgeous seaside home unfortunately lacked a suitable bathroom which would be functional for a young family of four. Their existing bathroom was a tiny space: too small to adequately work with. Birdblack Design proposed swapping the laundry (which included a linen cupboard and a toilet) with the existing bathroom. Our clients agreed to our proposal, enabling us to design a spacious bathroom.  This new innovative bathroom could now adequately be fitted with all our client’s individual specifications. They got everything they requested: a bath, a shower, a toilet and a lovely, generously sized vanity.

We take bathrooms seriously and our priority at Birdblack Design is catering to our clients’ individual household needs.  When we meet with our clients, we get to know their lifestyle, their household and their routines. Without being intrusive, we go through an extensive design brief at our initial consultation,asking questions like:

Do you require toilet privacy?

How many bathrooms are within the home?

Will everyone require utilising the bathroom within the same time frame?

How many basins do you require?

Do you require a bath? If so what type? Inset, back to wall,freestanding?

Of course the next step is the designing phase.  When planning, Birdblack Design aim to tick all our client’s needs and wants.Sometimes, however, we find the original space may be restrictive. Therefore,we design accordingly.  As was the casein our ‘Wombarra Bathroom’, the space was not large enough for a freestanding bath, so we opted for a back to wall bath and what a great decision this was! The bath sits elegantly against the warm grey concrete tiles and is perfect for a young family.

Below we share with you four of the most important aspects of a bathroom to consider.

‘Wombarra Bathroom’, a stunning combination of refined luxury coastal paired with contemporary design. Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co


The options for tiles are endless in size, colour, materials and patterns – we are certainly spoilt for choice here in Australia. Invest in good quality tiles and they will be sure to stand the test of time!

As interior designers, we help analyse both your space and preferred styles and guide you on your tile selection journey, resulting in selecting the perfect tile or tile combination to fit your brief. For our ‘Wombarra Bathroom’, we combined a stunning vertical subway tile with a concrete-look tile for the floors and part way up the wall. This fits the coastal / contemporary brief to a tee. The grey tiles anchor the space; they feature subtle movement in the pattern which helps disguise mess. Meanwhile, the white subway wall tiles make the space appear light and bright. Again, a perfect combo for a young family of four…


Our ‘Wombarra Bathroom’ back to wall bath paired with matte black tapware. Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co


We seem to be always lacking in storage in this day and age. When designing storage it is essential in ensuring it is easy to access and efficient. This is where drawers come into play: open them up and you can clearly view the entire contents. Compare this with cupboards, where you may have to bend down and hunt just for the hairspray. We can’t stress enough the importance of maximising storage space.

Within our ‘Wombarra Bathroom’we maximised storage in every available space:

–  A semi recessed wall to wall mirror cabinetry, perfect for toiletries and makeup

–  A spacious vanity with drawers, perfect for appliances and towels

– Elegant shower shelves, perfect for shower essentials: soaps, conditioners, bubble bath,leaving even enough space for styling

–  An elegant tiled ledge above the vanity, perfect for sitting day to day items including perfumes and tooth brushes

Our ‘Wombarra Bathroom’ vanity featuring beautiful earthy materials such as timber, leather, and concrete.Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co


Bathroom lighting is undoubtedly a high priority within a bathroom. In our ‘Wombarra Bathroom’,we removed the existing laundry door and small windows, replacing them with a streamline highlight window. This was the perfect solution for the space we were working with, creating a light and bright interior.

When designing a space, we design in the lighting, whether it be downlights, wall lights or recessed LED lighting.In bathrooms, it is essential to get the lighting right – especially for the vanity area where we apply makeup. We are also quite fond of dimmers; perfect for unwinding in the bath after a long day.

When opting for matte black tapware, we ensure all aspects of the space are consistent with this finish. Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co


When selecting fixtures and fittings it is vitally important not to skimp on cheap, inefficient products which will require replacing in the near future. Always do your research. Here at Birdblack Design, we do the research for you and guide you in the right direction.

Top tips when selecting:

–  Australian Made is preferential when the budget allows. Supporting local and Australian always reaps benefits.

–  It is important to have consistency in shape / style / metal finish of tapware, fixtures,accessories etc.

–  Choose the right shower for you. Do you like overhead showers or you do you prefer a wall shower? Or both? Some showrooms have showers on show and you can even test the flow

– How about your toilet? Back to wall? In-wall cistern? Perhaps a bidet?

Our ‘Wombarra Bathroom’ featuring matte black accents throughout thespace. Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Palm Co

Looking for a stress free renovation? You know where to find us.

Written by BirdblackDesign