Basic to Boujee – Bathroom basins

Bathroom basins: such a seemingly simple concept… or so you thought!

Here at Birdblack Design, we have discovered that the options for bathroom basins can be endless. From the material to the shape, from the size to the style, it is vitally important that all these factors are considered when choosing a basin for your bathroom. Along with these points, you must also consider the space you are working with: the overall style of the space, the complementing materials, the comparative sizing and,finally, the demographic of those whom will utilise the space.

Of course, there are many different types of basins available, suitable for numerous different applications. It is also essential to remember either featuring curves or angles which are echoed within your renovating space. When it is time for making the purchase choice, it often comes down to sizing and personal aesthetic appeal. Thankfully, clients are able to purchase a ready-made basin or have a custom basin designed and manufactured.

Regarding basin materials, it is essential that your basin complements the rest of your bathroom interior.  Clients can choose between a simplistic ceramic basin, or really step outside the box and indulge in something a little different. Alternative basin materials can include concrete, solid surface, metal,glass or gorgeous natural marbles.

At Birdblack Design, we assess every detail of a design. We are conscious of ensuring the metal finishes are consistent throughout the whole bathroom; including the pop up waste for the basin. After all, we are all about the details!

At our ‘Thirroul’ Residence, this basin has a glass bottom with a pattern imprinted onto it. When light is cast onto the basin a stunning pattern is reflected on the vanity top.We paired this basin with a Living Brass pop up waste.Design: Birdblack Design. Photography: Hannah Ladic Photography 

Listed below, we provide you with a rundown of the basin types clients can consider in a new bathroom, ensuite or powder room.

Above Counter Basins – A basin which is positioned on top of the benchtop.

It is important to consider the size of the basin in comparison to your total bench space, ensuring you don’t overcrowd the vanity. These basins can be subtle or a standout. Shape, size and material must all be considered to determine your desired outcome.

We love the solid surface basin we specified for our ‘Gymea’ residence. It is not only practical, but also a sculptural element within the space. Additionally, the curves of the bath are echoed within this space.

We are obsessed with the basin we installed in our ‘Gymea Residence 1’ bathroom.This basin is an elegant solid surface basin. It sits as a sculpture atop the custom vanity. Design: Birdblack Design. Photography: The Palm Co.

Undermount Basins – are typically a white ceramic basin which sits beneath the benchtop. From a visual perspective,they do not dramatically catch the eye. They typically allow other areas of the space to take the spotlight. Clients can, of course, purchase custom undermount basins. For example, clients may choose a custom concrete benchtop with an integrated undermount basin. This provides seamless aesthetic, allowing other elements of the interior to shine. This is evident in our ‘Detroit’ Bathroom, where the thick benchtop captures our full attention.

Our Detroit, USA’ Residence features a thick Corian benchtop in conjunction with black undermount basins. Design: Birdblack Design. Photography: Matt Mateo Photography

Wall Hung Basins – There are many variations on the market as well as custom options. They can be simple feature:a basin only, or have some integrated storage, or end a space to hang your hand towel. At Birdblack Design, we like using these styles in powder rooms where space is limited and there isn’t a huge need for storage.

Our ‘Corrimal’ Residence powder room featuring a wall hung basin.Design: Birdblack Design. Photography: Hannah Ladic Photography

Semi Recessed Basins – These basins are particularly handy when designing within a tight space. The basins partially overhang the benchtop or ledge, adding a sculptural element to the space.

Our ‘Balgownie’ Residence bathroom renovation featuring semi recessed basins. Design: Birdblack Design

Freestanding Basins – are undoubtedly focal sculptural elements within a space. The only downside to a freestanding basin is compromising on storage. More often than not, this basin would be suitable for a powder room.

Reece Plumbing’s Alape round freestanding washstand. Image: Reece Plumbing 

We often have clients explain how they very much dislike above-counter basins. This is most often due to previous experiences including water splashing out of the basin. The solution is to have both the basin and the vanity well designed with all variables considered. Considerations may include the height of the basin, the correct positioning and size of the basin mixer, the correct placement of the basin and ensuring the correct basin type is installed within the space.

We love designing bathrooms, so get in contact if you are requiring assistance with your bathroom renovation or new build.

Written by BirdblackDesign