Add a little Hotel Luxury to your Humble Abode

There is nothing quite like treating yourself to a night away in a high end, luxury hotel.  The feeling of plush carpet underfoot and a huge comfortable bed adorned with pillows and cushions…absolute bliss! It is no secret the Birdblack Design team love the oversized robes and cute slippers, the room service and, of course, the mini-bar! Who doesn’t?!

The question is: why not adopt this luxe factor in your very own bedroom?

The first port of call is to identify your preferred design style within the bedroom.  Ideally, this would work hand-in-hand with your overall home style: French Provincial, Country Cottage or Hamptons Glam to name a few. Having said that, the styles between the home and the bedroom don’t have to be identical – by incorporating some different fixtures and finishes, a pop of colour or some texture, your bedroom can have its own personal aesthetic touch with the desired style realm.

It is imperative, however, that the bedroom’s design style is maintained throughout adjoining spaces, like walk-in robes or an ensuite. A bedroom suite is a collective and the individual spaces and zones should work in harmony with the overall design. You wouldn’t design a Country Cottage bedroom next to a Moody Industrial ensuite!

Whether you are designing a Guest bedroom, a Teenage bedroom or a Master bedroom, here are some important aspects to consider when designing and styling a bedroom:


Custom joinery should always be practical; ideally customised to suit the needs and requirements of the family or household. Aesthetically, it should complement the space. Opt for material selections that create cohesion with the overall design style.

Would you have guessed that this stylish grey cabinet (which sits next to gorgeous dresser) is actually a home to a TV? Innovative design at its best! Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Evoke Company


We cannot stress enough the value of practical lighting within an interior, this includes the bedroom. The bedroom is a space where ambient lighting is key, setting the mood for the entire space.

In bedrooms, Birdblack Design love installing dimmable downlights. This not only allows for interchangeable ambiance, but also allows for dim lighting before bed. It has been proven that bright lights (especially from our much-loved devices) delay the ability for us to fall asleep. We have always said that we are as much about lifestyle as we are about designing, and adequate rest and sleep is essential for all us go-getters. Beware of the blue-lights on devices and bright lights overhead before bed.

We adore pendant lights and wall lights in bedroom spaces; in particular, those positioned at the bedside table. These add a stunning sculptural element to your space, along with the convenience of bedside lighting, avoiding getting out of bed, just to turn off a light switch. If you opt for this, ensure your light switch is in an accessible location, but also hidden from view: your beautiful bedhead and lighting fixtures should take the spotlight – not the light switch!

If you are renting and therefore not able to add permanent lighting fixtures to your space, opt for floor lamps and table lamps for that sculptural element.

Finally, when selecting light pendants, you must consider the style of the home. A luxury contemporary home should not feature traditional Hampton’slight fittings in the bedroom. Always aim for continuity and cohesion.

Brass highlights were introduced into our ‘Cato Place’ Master Bedroom via wall lights selections. A brilliant pairing of dark, textured wallpaper with a sleek, crisp, white v-groove panelling adding that definite luxe factor.  Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Evoke Company


We are truly spoiled for choice: leather, timber, upholstered, v-groove,metal…the combinations are endless! We love, love, LOVE designing custom bedheads, built in consideration of the specific bedroom space. We cherish clients who trust our every inclination to dream BIG in the Master Bedroom. The sky is only limited by our imagination!

Birdblack Design has access to an extensive ready-made bed suppliers list. This is perfect for temporary homes. Additionally, we have access to a wide range of furniture styles: everything from Boho to Ultra-Contemporary.

Our ‘Cato Place’ Master Bedroom features a stunning custom tan bedhead which ticks all the boxes of approval. The natural texture of leather is always spectacular.Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Evoke Company


When selecting artworks, ensure you pick colours already present within your space: whether it is in the bedhead, the linens or the wall colour. Opt for prints, canvas, photography or even a local, custom hand painted artwork!Artworks are the perfect way to add colour and patterns to any space.


Manchester can make or break a bedroom. Layering and proportion are key components when styling a bed. Ensure you have differentiation in the cushions – colour, pattern and texture. It is also imperative you have a range of cushion sizes: European pillows, standard pillows, and a spattering of accent cushions. Add a comforter or throw for that extra layer of warmth and comfort.

Sometimes less is more with Manchester. Our ‘Chester Street’ project in Detroit, USA, opted for clean and simple: allowing their bedroom space to speak for itself. Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: Matt Mateo Photography


Whether you have carpet, concrete, tile or timber floors you can always go with a rug! A rug grounds the space. Birdblack Design love oversized rugs: it not only covers more surface area, but becomes a grand luxurious focal point, alluding to a larger space. The feeling of a plush rug underfoot on a chilly morning is simply divine!


If space permits, a sitting area fitted with an occasional chair or side table with a built-in bench seat is encouraged. Beware the chair doesn’t become a clothes dumping ground! Use the space wisely as the perfect spot to unwind: read a book or sample a glass of wine,just like you would in a hotel.

A bay window is the perfect recipe for a built in window seat. Design: Mim Design


We love designing dressers! Dressers are the perfect location for applying makeup and styling your hair. These spaces can be exquisitely luxurious through the finishes, fixtures and lighting, making them a divine haven for that much needed “Me Time” all us hardworking gals need.

Tan leather pulls, spotted gum benchtop and white joinery are a remarkable combination in our ‘Cato Place’ Master Bedroom dresser space. Homely hotel designing right here! Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Evoke Company


Often the final layers to a space are the window furnishings. Privacy or blocking out a stark, morning light may be key for you in your bedroom.Alternatively, a sheer curtain which romantically trickles in light during the day may be the perfect choice for you.

In bedrooms specifically, window furnishings cover quite a lot of your wall surface area. It is important to select fabrics which work harmoniously with your space, without being overpowering. Your bed should be the focal point here, not the window furnishings.

The gorgeous Australian sun is shining through our sheer curtains gracefully in our ‘Cato Place’ Master Bedroom.Design: Birdblack Design Photographed by: The Evoke Company

We spend approximately one third of our day in our bedrooms: it is the first space you see in the morning and the last space you see at night. Therefore your bedroom is certainly worth the investment. Let us create the perfect haven for you. We promise: you too can have hotel luxury every day in your very own home.

Written by Birdblack Design