A winning kitchen design

When we design a kitchen we keep in mind that it adds the biggest resale value to a home. It astonishes us as to how little thought some people put into their newly renovated kitchens. To some we think why did you bother? The amount of money you’ve just spent really hasn’t produced a kitchen much better than what was originally there. So let us help you before you take out the sledgehammer and start bashing away without a proper plan set in place.

Designed by Birdblack Design

‘Measure twice cut once’ so simple and so true. If you have no plan set up the only thing you’re setting yourself up for is problems. Investing into your kitchen is not just about the financial investment you’ll be making into your home, it’s also an investment into the lifestyle of you and the people living in your home. Having a designer transform your space is a must. Forget flat pack kitchens because they limit you. With flat packs you have to work around what cupboards are available and the quality of them is not going to last you long. Flat packs have the inherent trademark of cheap hinges and drawer runners and we can guarantee in 12 months times you’ll have sagging kitchen doors. With any investment it’s about quality, you’re going to want to get a return out of it. And custom design and build will achieve that. Not only will custom made joinery look fantastic as it is tailored to you exact wants and needs but it will last the distance. If you can’t afford custom made then WAIT don’t settle for an intermediate slapped together solution. Make a savings plan and work towards the end goal.

Designed by Birdblack Design

1. Design

Use an Interior Designer to design your space. They have the skills and they’ll pick up on things that you would have never thought of. Kitchens contain the most amount of detail than any other space in the home. Having a fresh set of eyes looking into your home will often create new possibilities that you wouldn’t have come up with on your own. Designers also have the knowledge when it comes to exact measurements required for appliances, walk way distances, bench top heights and selection of finishes suitable for kitchen use. Investing in a designer at the beginning of the project will save you time and money in the long run.

Designed by Birdblack Design

2. Custom made

Quality product and workmanship is top priority in transforming those designs from paper into reality. Don’t skimp in this area because it will affect the overall final product. There are a number of top joiners in town who provide not only great service but their workmanship is top level too. We have a list of  the best tradespeople to work with in our business because we truly know and understand how important it is for us to work with people who are on the same level when it comes to providing our clients with the best that there is to offer in the Illawarra. So start hunting around and go out to joiner’s showrooms and look at their products first hand.

Designed by designed by Williams Burton Leopardi

TIPS: Think outside the box

Like everyone over time you will get accustomed to living with what you’ve got but my tip to you is to not let this dictate and blinker you to what you could have. Sometimes that fresh set of eyes from your designer will be the push you need to get out of your comfort zone and experience a new way of living- open plan design is a perfect example of this. In all of our years designing we not once had a client come back to me saying they wish they hadn’t done what we suggested. We know it can be scary visualising something bigger than what you ever thought possible but take the leap because the payoff is huge. In modern society the kitchen has evolved now into the heart of the home, it’s where the family gathers and it’s where you entertain. So think big and don’t hold back. Design a kitchen that will last the lifetime of your home. You’ll not only reap the benefit at resale time but you’ll more so reap it in everyday living with ease of use and comfort knowing it’s built to last.

Written by Birdblack Design