5 Ways to add WOW factor to your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, we cook, eat and entertain there. The kitchen is a social space, no longer strictly for cooking. Now that open plan living is the new norm the kitchen is usually within close proximity to the living, dining and outdoor area and not confined within four walls.

Now the kitchen is on show to all eyes, why not transform it into a not only functional space but a trendy, aesthetically pleasing space which oozes wow factor.

5 ways to add WOW factor to your kitchen:

Rangehood cladding

Bye bye to the days of bulky stainless steel rangehoods which look industrial and devalue to appeal of a kitchen…look at what we can achieve now. Rangehoods cladded in special metal finishes, marble, v- groove panels…the possibilities are endless.

Eliminating overhead cabinetry which typically hide the concealed rangehoods…make a feature if the space permits. Add open shelves either side of the rangehood if storage isn’t a great issue. This will have your kitchen looking, sleek, clean and less like the typical kitchen.

Credit: The Penthouse | Design by Golden

Speciality finishes

Polished chrome no more…Brass, bronze, rose gold, matt black and gunmetal are the latest go to. It is extremely important to plan your space carefully and ensure all metal finishes in your space are matching. From your cabinetry handles to your sink mixer. This will create continuity throughout your spaces. Since the kitchen is now not a sole space this means the special finish should flow into connecting areas.

Credit: Brass tapware | Space Copenhagen


Lighting…possibilities are endless. Kitchen lighting is typically situated above the benchtop along with led strips and spotlighting underneath cabinetry and in open shelving. When sourcing pendant lighting you must decide if you want the kitchen pendant to make a huge impact to the space or let the remainder of the space to shine. Lighting styles range from sculpture like to very minimal. It is important to also assess the remainder of the open plan space. Don’t forget to match it with your metal finish!

Credit: Kitchen lighting | Alex Allen Studio

Open shelves

Open shelving is very popular at the moment. They add further texture and colour to the space. It is also adds personality to the space. Popular shelving items include ceramics, crockery, indoor plants, books and other small ornaments. In kitchens they are popular located beside the rangehood, in the island design and above benchtops. It is important to note that if you opt for introducing open shelving to your kitchen ensure that your styling is on point. There is nothing worse than messiness being showcased.

Credit: Open shelving | Meme design


Curves are making a come back..they are can be complete very subtly creating great visual interest and adding contrast between the island the perimeter of the kitchen. This works very well in minimal kitchens where the shapes and forms are left to shine and create visual impact.

Credit: Curved kitchen island | Atelier Barda

 These five elements are just a small snapshot of kitchen wow factors.  The possibilities are endless in design.

Written by Rachel Pace

Interior Designer at Birdblack Design