Contemporary design and 5-star hotels have changed the way we view a bedroom and what a bedroom “should and shouldn’t” encompass.

For so long, a bedroom has been perceived as a square room with a bed, a bit of storage and if you were lucky enough, an ensuite attached.
What if we told you: “You can have so much more than that!”
Come home to a beautifully designed bedroom suite and you’ll never want to leave again.
Forget travelling to boutique hotels to live in the lap of luxury, you can now have your very own in the comfort of your own home!
A bedroom suite package not only looks at the individual entity of a bedroom but it looks at the space as a whole picture.
We include creating the bedroom space, an ensuite and robe / storage areas. Through clever design, we can create a suite feel in an open and functional layout.

If you want to spoil yourself and achieve the WOW factor, this is the Interior Design Package for you.




Not only will you be receiving the best in designs, but you’ll also have access to the latest products and finishes on the market.
This set Interior Design Package is inclusive of the following:

Meeting One

At Birdblack Design, we take you from concepts to completion.

In our first meeting, we will come out to your home. Here we’ll document and measure the areas that can be worked with.  If you are building a new home, we will meet over coffee at our Design Studio. This first meeting is all about us finding out exactly what you are looking for. Your brief is an important starting point. In saying that, by no means do you need to know every single detail, but if you’ve seen things that you like, or have photographs, this is the best time to share them. We will discuss your costing estimation and time frame considerations.

Meeting Two

Our second meeting (held at our Design Studio), is where the fun begins! Between our first meeting and second meetings, we will have been busily creating designs for you…

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At Birdblack Design, we take you from concepts to completion.

If your project needs council, building, or development approval, we’ll discuss additional drawing costs and application fees before the Discovery meeting, tailored to your project’s complexity. We collaborate with a local Building Designer who provides this service alongside Birdblack Design.

We’ll begin the process by visiting your home (for renovation projects) or our Interior Design Studio (for new builds). Our priority is to ascertain whether you’re seeking a REFRESH (focused on aesthetic updates without structural, plumbing, or electrical alterations) or a REDESIGN (a comprehensive interior and exterior transformation).

The spaces at your home or project site will be meticulously documented and measured. If you’re constructing a new dwelling, we’ll start with the base floorplan provided by your Architect or Building Designer. Prior to our meeting, you’ll receive our Birdblack Design Discovery questionnaire, tailored to each room, to understand your precise needs and desires. This serves as a vital foundation, and during our initial appointment, we’ll review this document, discuss your budget estimates and address any time frame considerations.


At our Interior Design Studio, our second meeting marks the exciting phase of the design process! Between our Discovery and Concepts meetings, we’ll be hard at work crafting designs for you. You’ll be presented with 2-3 floorplan layouts showcasing various options and directions. Some clients instantly connect with a particular design, while others may appreciate elements from multiple designs. Together, we’ll collaborate to refine a final design that perfectly suits your unique needs.


Now that the floorplan is finalised, we’re ready to dive into the details. Between our Concepts and Elevations meetings, we’ll meticulously craft internal room elevations, bringing your home to life. This stage allows us to discuss each room in depth, revealing the custom joinery designs. You’ll see precisely where every item, from cuff links to full length gowns, will be situated. This comprehensive overview enhances your understanding of the overall design. The Elevations meeting, held at our Interior Design Studio, is where we present these detailed drawings.


During the Selections meeting, we’ll showcase our curated selection and specifications for all fittings, fixtures and finishes tailored to your project. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the materials that will make your space truly distinctive, including benchtops, joinery finishes, sinks, tapware, basins, flooring and more. Your Interior Designers will guide you through this selection process at our Designer Showroom, which features a meticulously curated collection of unique, high-quality and luxurious products sourced from around the world. These exclusive items are not readily available at typical commercial outlets, ensuring that your home will be truly one-of-a-kind.

*Note: If you are proceeding with multiple Interior Design Packages, we will make all of your selections for ALL rooms within the same presentation. This allows us to create a harmonious feel throughout your home. Depending on the number of packages, we can allow up to one full day for this selection process.

Prior to our next meeting, we’ll amend your drawings to incorporate all your chosen fittings and fixtures, which constitutes the most extensive phase of our work at Birdblack Design. We dedicate this time to meticulously ensuring that all fittings seamlessly integrate into the design when drawn to scale. This meticulous process is crucial for accurately notating the placement of joinery finishes, hardware items, benchtops and other elements in their correct locations.

We now have a clear vision of the overall look, style and colour scheme for your home. At this stage, Birdblack Design will present a selection of feature lighting sourced from our exclusive suppliers, ensuring each piece complements our chosen aesthetics. We’ll also review the electrical/lighting plan, highlighting the placement of light fittings, switches and power points.

Costing & Construction: Handover

We are now at the stage of breathing life into the design and seeing it come to life. This meeting is held at our Interior Design Studio.

Birdblack Design takes you from concept to completion. We offer two services for this construction phase of the project: our Design Management service and our Design Consultancy service.

Design Management:

Birdblack Design collaborates exclusively with qualified and reputable tradespeople. We’ll arrange a meeting with our chosen builder at the project site to obtain a labour quote, including bespoke items. Once all quotes are gathered, we’ll discuss the final selections list and associated costs. Once all design queries are resolved and prices finalised, the project can proceed.

Our labour and materials quote is $495 for a single room and $995 for multiple rooms, up to a Full Home, with this fee rebatable through our Design Management Service fee. We’ll finalise paperwork, discuss start dates and establish expected completion time frames.

Throughout the project, Birdblack Design will closely collaborate with our construction team, including the builder, tradespeople and suppliers as part of our Design Management Service.

Design Consultancy:

For clients with their own builder and trades, we offer our Design Consultancy package. We’ll liaise with your team at designated stages during construction to ensure seamless implementation of the design. If you opt for our Design Consultancy service, we’ll review the full document set and address any remaining questions, preparing you for the construction phase.

Optional Extra:

We can offer you a 3D Rendered view of your Primary Suite from $400.
Once we have developed your final design and material selections, we can offer you a 3D rendered image of your space. This will give you a sneak peek of what the final result is going to look like. A perfect visual option for those who struggle to read floorplans and elevations.


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