Naomi Hudson

Naomi Hudson joins the Birdblack Design Team as Studio Manager. Naomi began adulthood as a university student, enrolled at University of Wollongong. In 2003, she graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Science (with Distinction). During her time at university, Naomi gained many study and life skills through the processes of critical thinking, experimentation, investigation, and problem solving.

2003 was a big year as Naomi also married her life partner, Ben, and began her family life which now includes four children (Dakota, Milo, Minnie and Duke) and their dog, Frankie.

Here’s Naomi to say a few words:

Since opening our café, Lee and me in 2008 and throughout my life, I have enjoyed the responsibility of business ownership. Owning my own businesses has gifted me with unique perspectives and has afforded me numerous opportunities to learn skills I may not have otherwise gained.

Coming onboard with Birdblack Design as Studio Manager allows me a niche opportunity to meld all my skills into one very individual role. Being surrounded by so many creative minds in the BD studio is a blessing and an exciting place to be! I look forward to meeting more of our clients, trades and suppliers in 2022 and beyond.