Laura May

Laura has a colourful personality and has had a wonderfully diverse career. From running kitchens and training apprentices in hospitality; to creative writing; to corporate and community event management; to working with young people and training them in leadership, she has a wealth of experience and vibrancy under her belt.

As you may note, my career has not included Interior Design! Sarah and I met NYE 2014/15 at a party, and as fate may have it, I became involved with Birdblack Design in 2019. My role began as a copywriter/editor for the website and grew into creative writing for all social media, blogs and newsletters. My role has since evolved into Creative Content Manager, with a strong marketing component. In March, Birdblack Design launched our Educational Series, Design Room, which I adore overseeing. Education is paramount and learning is an ongoing life skill.

My role assists our curators and designers to do what they do best – be visual, creative and innovative masterminds. I am able to capture their creative process, translate it and communicate it effectively to the multitudes. Alongside them, I encourage their successes on a broad spectrum, I champion their individual influences and inspire the culmination of these components for the benefit of Birdblack Design.

On a personal note: I love to travel, I enjoy sumptuous food and wine, and I have been known to start many a dance party – whether a dancefloor exists or not!